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So I read the first few post and then some random ones but I couldn’t focus long enough to read them all. haha. but personally I have been a “chemical guinea pig” (that’s just what I say) for 3 years. I started on Ritalin when I was 10 years old but then as I got older the Ritalin became less and less effective. So then they put me on Concerta. I was on Concerta for 4 years and it was the best one but one of the side effect for me was depression. So then the doctor started to try others. Strattera to the maximum dosage for my body. Didn’t work. Dexedrine pass my maximum dosage for my body. Didn’t work. They even started to combine different meds. Strattera with a little bit of Concerta. I have been on Biphentin for a year and a half and it works the second best. but it also gives me depressive side effects. So I am on Biphentin and Wellbutrin, which is an anti- depressant that can also help with ADHD, to keep me focused and calm without making me depressed. I have to go and see a specialist to see if he can help me find the right medication combo for me. So don’t get too worried because you might have to find a medication that works for you and you might have to try a few before you find it. Good luck! :D