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Shadow – orgaization, unfortunately, is not an event but rather a process – and that’s the hard part. Dr. J. talkes about not being able to get the last 25% of a job done – and that’s death as far as organizing is concerned. I’m constantly trying to get my papers organized but I only get them sorted, I leave it to do something else, and before I get them put away they get mixed up in another pile again – AGHHH!

The one thing that I understand from your post is that you “need to purchase a new laptop computer”. So maybe start with that. I can really realate to getting bogged down when trying to reasearch ALL the options that are out there. I’d be so afraid of making a mistake and getting the wrong thing that I’d end up getting nothing. Family vacations just didn’t happen because I’d start trying to nail down every variable, inevitably get too confused and that would be that – hours wasted with nothing to show for it – again!

One thing that has worked for me is realizing that I’m not, and can’t be an expert on everything. Learning to use the knowlege of other people has been great. To use my vacation example – I now pay the extra money (like $70) and use a travel agent for most things. No booking it myself online because it never happens. So…Find a store with good sales people (ask around, people will have referrals) and then commit yourself to taking their advice. You might pay a bit extra (that was a hard one for me to adjust to) or have an occasional regret but I’ve found that it’s worth it in terms of time saved and peace of mind.

The only other orgaization advice that I have for you is the mantra “crap in pretty boxes is still crap”. Get rid of as much as you possibly can – that’s always the first step!

Good luck.