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Re: Funniest ADD Moment — What's yours?

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…So, there I am at the Psych’s office trying to get a name for this problem I have with paying attention for any length of time. A minute or so goes by in the meeting and I realize the the Dr. is just sitting there in his chair patiently waiting on me to gather my thoughts and give him an answer. I immediately begin to refocus on the task at hand only to realize that I have just done it yet again–I have forgotten where I was as a principal participant in a conversation I was having with someone else. After a failed recall, I finally give him my best dumb look–you know–to earn some pity from the guy. Then I had to ask…so I did. With shame in my voice I asked him if he could repeat the question…quickly adding that somehow like so often I simply forgot what his question was. To my incredible surprise, I could literally see pity overcome this man’s face–I saw it in his eyes like I have never seen it before. I was so, so grateful for his sincere show of humanity for me until I heard his next words…”Danny, I haven’t said a word to you in over five minutes.”