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Re: Funniest ADD Moment — What's yours?

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Reading all the posts here (and in other forums) is like watching a movie of my life. I have not yet been formally diagnosed with ADD but even after years of my wife telling me I had it (lots of denial on my part) it finally hit me after watching the show on PBS and then shortly thereafter finding my “lost” keys after three weeks of being sure that they were thrown out with the trash (they were on the same shelf I put them on three weeks prior). Being in law enforcement you are forced to find humor where others do not or else you go insane. While it wasnt funny at the time, and quite embarrassing, several years ago I responded to a traffic crash in the middle of a busy intersection that was backing up with traffic. Once we got the cars involved out of the intersection and it was time to open up all the lanes I went back to my patrol car only to realize that I locked my keys in the car with the car running. I had to wait for someone to go back to the office and get a spare key for me to unlock the car door. You would think that I would have learned from something like that but it was not the last time I locked my keys in the patrol car at the wrong times……..