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Re: Funniest ADD Moment — What's yours?

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This one is particularly embarrassing but hey I’m among friends right? I was hanging out in front of a Barnes and Noble. I got there early so it wasn’t open yet. So I sit on one of those stone benches and wait. Some guy comes by and sits by me. We talk. Its starts out ok at first but I miss a few hints that in hindsight were obvious that he was gay and hitting on me. It took me some time for me to pick that up like when he got a little too friendly. I start looking at my watch to see if the barnes and noble will open soon so i can bolt inside. then he talks about something so explicitly homoerotic and then hits on me again that I bolt out of there anyway. i walk up and down the street hoping that when I get back he’s not there. i still kick myself for not picking that up when i should have. i try not to ruminate on it but as another post says to err is human to dwell on it is add. am wondering if i ever made girls i was trying to ask out feel that same way back in my highschool days, but then again i was never that explicit. sheesh. i won’t repeat what he said here because first its gross and second well its gross. no i’m not saying that being gay is gross so please don’t go there. if i said the same thing to a woman i would have been rightfully arrested. that’s all i’m going to say. i hope someone out there can top this story because i don’t want to go down in history with the distinction of most embarrassing add episode.