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Re: GAMES! Goals?

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Good going, chore-buddies!

I was out of town yesterday, a meeting with my therapist in the am, and then we went to see The Tree of Life movie (it’s almost finished its run). Major accidents and construction on the highways so it took hours and hours to get home.

Today my plan is to be productive and stay off the internet at work. Coming home, I am afraid to commit to anything, but if I don’t get drawn in by the internet magnet, I’ll try to declutter my bathroom (many unused items) and clean the sinks and toilet (my husband does the tub and floors).

We are both avoiding the major job in front of us, which is decluttering the living room and dining room. We cleaned out the back room, which is where I used to do my production at home, and I even taped up 6 cartons for ‘decluttering’, but getting off our butts to do that and not something else more interesting is proving to be challenging. So I’ll tackle the bathroom since it’s a smaller job, more visual bang for my buck. Hopefully that will be a bit of inspiration to tackle the bigger job.

It’s going to be a scorching hot week, so we will be indoors for most of it and that bodes well for indoor work, I HOPE :?