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Re: GAMES! Goals?

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Carrie – I will keep my fingers crossed that the Prozac works for you. I don’t suffer from PMS much (sometimes I get a headache and am a bit moody), but I suffer once my period starts (like today :( ). I have bad cramps, a backache that hardly anything on the planet budges, and a tendency to flood at the worst possible time. As a teen, I would spend the first day or two of my period in bed most months. Having kids really settled things down for a long time, but it eventually got worse again. I am prescribed opioid pain killers for when my knees and back flare up, but tend to use them just as much for my period pains, just so I can function in those first 24 – 48 hours.

I had not planned anything today, as I needed a “me” day (just as well, considering the surprise I woke up to this morning :( ), but after staying in bed till nearly lunch time, I managed to do a couple of loads of laundry (I quite like washing clothes, so that’s no real achievement), go grocery shopping (seeing as I had to go out anyway, to drop my son off), bought my son some new jeans and a hoodie while I was at the shops (he just keeps growing!), and put together one more set of shelves (only one more set to go now :D ). The house looks worse than ever, because the contents of the previous shelves/cupboards/drawers are not in the new shelves and are in piles everywhere, waiting to be sorted and put away. And the garage is full of cardboard boxes and old furniture :? Groan!

Seeing as I have to go back out to collect my son, I have given up on dinner and plan to get takeaway while I’m out. Then I think I’ll curl up in bed with a hot pack and my knitting. Unless those last shelves start to play on my mind, in which case I will end up putting them together while the family are home to help lift them (they are HEAVY!).

Time to go and get my son.

Keep up the good work ladies 8)