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Re: GAMES! Goals?

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@Carrie: I do that all the time. My wife says it’s the dagger face. I often need to leave the room if she, or any other muddle is trying to work something out. I need to stop doing that, but it’s soooooo frustrating. Hoping to get cleared for meds soon and hope it will help.

OH–muddles, I forgot to post this to the making up words thread. I was talking to my wife about Harry Potter and meant to say muggles, but said “muddles.” I’m now using that to describe non-ADDers. I realize it may be backwards, but their world is so screwed up with TPS reports, objective setting, individual development plans, zoning approvals, assembly instructions, warning labels….[PRIMAL SCREAM]. They’re the ones who are muddled. Our world would be so much less bureaucratic.