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Re: GAMES! Goals?

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@sugargremlin Don’t get me wrong, I have bouts of indecision too. I’m learning that when I hit those, it’s because there is no clear answer. I spent 3 hours trying to pick speakers for my computer. [Not something easy to do when you want something NOW!]

I realized there was no great answer. I really wanted USB speakers with a USB port, so I could plug in my USB headphones late at night. But like so many things I want, no one has invented it yet.

I’m trying to manage my indecisive moments by going to the next criteria. For me, the first criteria is always function. Does the thing work for what I need it for. If yes–yaay. If no–next! [“But it’s pretty” don’t care, doesn’t work]. If there’s a tie, I flip a coin. The next criteria for me is usually cost. When I realized I was in an ADD indecision loop, I grabbed the cheapest ones and off I went.

PS, they work great.