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Re: getting along with people …how?

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bill, thanks, those comments from your doc are interesting and perhaps relevant for me too. I won’t put myself in the high IQ sector, although I was once labelled gifted in math (a laugh, really, arithmetic was my worst subject), but there was no special education for that, we just worked on our own in the corner. Not good for someone who has trouble staying on task and is distracted easily.

I am coming to the same conclusions myself, I can’t work with other people, maybe one person but they have to be quiet and not “needy”. I can’t work if people are coming and going or the phone is ringing or I’m responding to emails. Unfortunately I never knew this was part of a disorder that I might have been able to get my employer to accommodate. In one job, where I was a manager, people talked a lot behind my back and it caused enough trouble that I eventually left (but not without finding another job to go to, where I didn’t have to supervise anyone). Eventually the second job ended up with me in a large open office, with 3 or 4 staff reporting to me, very noisy, lots of stress, taking work home or working very late, eventually I left that too.

I think it’s incredibly rude for people to just “show up” at your house without warning, even if they are family (I live several hours away from any of my family). Also rude to make a lengthy call to me because I won’t know how to politely say “I have to go” (thinking of those Frasier shows where he pretends that his cellphone rang in his pocket).

I also have activities that I do that help to balance me, I haven’t done some of them in years and perhaps I need to get back to them. They are all solo but creative activities.

One thing does concern me and that is the isolation and lack of socialization, if my husband passed away, I would be very alone. As I get older, I worry a little about how I will take care of myself. I don’t prepare meals, have no idea how to repair things, etc. and dealing with people and bills is frustrating!