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ah, the dangers of overanalysing everything. :D

what works for me is being aware that i’m prone to doing that, and mentally yelling “stop doing that! it’s not helpful! think of um…. cookies! instead.. cookies are goood….” and redirecting myself whenever i catch myself going off on an …

“OMG he’s got insanely strong arms, i bet he could carry me over his shoulder like a fireman and he could build a timber cabin with his bare hands and wrestle bears and we’d live in the woods off berries and nuts and when we’re old he’ll still be strong and oh!- he’s got a bit of a monobrow from this angle in the light- what if it gets worse- i really do not like the caterpillar forehead look… especially when he makes that face he did just then- maybe he’s part yeti…and he’s eating salt and vinegar chips? ewww… i’d never snog a pickle-flavoured mouth… this isn’t the right man for me, but oh! look at the arms *drooool*… but those fingernails are wickedly dirty- oh!- thats cos he’s a mechanic- that’d be handy, i’m sick of changing my own flat tyres…i wonder if he’d let me shave that bit of monobrowfluff if i asked him nicely… but i’d have to go over there and he’ll smell like pickles and i have this zit brewing that he might see… then he’d think i’m a troll and we’d never end up having teh secks let alone mashing face so it’s entirely doomed and i should just throw myself out of the window right now….”

cos it ALWAYS ends in tears, the overthinking. or in my case a very confused look from the mechanic and a “babes….. stop looking at my forehead…. no, you’re not coming near it with those tweezers- i need that bit of fluff… i’ll menace you with these chips if you come any closer.. stop thinking… don’t make me come over there and distract you!”

if it’s right, it’s right. it’ll be right whether you give yourself a migraine over it or not. there is no such thing as a perfect man… well, maybe jensen ackles playing dean winchester in supernatural… but how likely is that hunk of deliciousness to land in my lap (not very, and i’d probably get killed by mutant shapeshifting deamons or something very soon after it did, anyway- which’d suck rather a lot- le sigh). or in your case woman… there are just a whole bunch of ‘pretty awesome with minor tollerable flaws that are part of the deal and not that important in the longrun once the hormones have calmed down a smidge and i can think half-straight’ ones, who manage to stand the test of time and can put up with a little crazy. :D

maybe just do your best to slow down (yeah, i know- thats like saying ‘try harder :P )… or tell them you’re ADD- they’ll rein you in and sort you out, if they don’t run away screaming, that is. :D sooner or later one of us will get under the radar, then you’ll be sorry.