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Hi everyone I’m not a man but I’ve been married for 16 years and going strong – every marriage and relationship has problems, you need to let you significient other know about your ADD/ADHD and have them go to your therapist to understand you. My husband and I have our problems but we always talk it out. Even my children understand that mommy can be a little weird. You need to find someone that will never put you down and that will support you in what ever you choose even if it sounds far-fetched. I am annoyed by the little things too but I look at the good and remember that NO ONE is perfect!!!!! no matter how many times they tell you they are!!! HAHAHA I have a good family support too, and that helps.

Remember women want to change you in to the mold they think you should be – if that is what your to with leave the relationship- the women should love you as you are!!! And not change you!!! I know this is hard to do, but trust me!

Hope I help in any way and good luck to all of you!! Thank you for listening.