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Re: 'God' is punishing you

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Valerie102: Really? your family was surprised with your ADD diagnosis? NO ONE I told was surprised…. Oh… wait… we’re talking family… that’s different … sorry… they always look at things like that as a failure on their part… especially parents. If you explain it to your sister, she’ll not be surprised. If you give them examples of some of the things that they are aware you did and that you believe are a good example of ADD…. My aunt didn’t believe me and thought it another excuse for “bad behavior”. I told them do you remember how I ALWAYS forgot my keys/purse/whatever? Do you remember how often I had to stay in at recess to get my work done? Do you remember how quickly I got married after college when all of you thought it was the wrong guy? (they were right) and how consistent I was at this kind of stuff? THAT’S ADHD.