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Tea…I’m a great advocate of the regime of healthy eating, exercise and behavioral therapy…….I did take meds for a few years in the hay-day of my career….but that was at the tail end of it, certainly not the majority. Neither of my ADD kids take meds, although my daughter did from time to time in her last years of University. I don’t say that’s right for anybody….I’m certainly not preaching, it’s not my place…. just sharing my real-world examples.

I have to say attitude (for me) is a huge factor…….I believe either positive or negative attitudes will come to fruition. I believe also that we tend to fulfill our prophecies…….which ever way we lean. At the risk of being repetitive……our house is a “ADD Positive” house, my children think they are quite “special” in a very positive way. That thinking, self-image, and positive self-esteem takes them along ways down to the road to YES I CAN…..and they are!!!

So the healthy body and mind school of thought gets my vote…….any way one looks at what they are saying……has to be a positive life influence….yes??? How could a person lose…???? What could the down side be…????