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    CADDAC tends to be crap.

    Recent studies by professionals like Barkley indicate that less than 50% of the adults with

    ADHD find just drugs to be useful in helping them deal with ADHD …

    Drugs are expensive unless you are very lucky and have a drug plan or plans that cover the cost

    of that drug. The two i was on for 7 months cost over $200. per month and were not covered, needless

    to say there was no refund when I had to stop taking them because the side effects were worse than the ADHD

    The recent books and studies agree that ADHD people all react differently to the drugs they are given.

    The Amphetamines work more often on people… but many of us can not take speed due to age and

    heart problems and sometimes the side effects can be heart stressors as well … no simple answers.

    It is not really a surprise that people stop taking expensive drugs if after 6 -7 months the drugs do not

    seem to be having an effect, and there are a limited number of choices depending on what country you

    are in and how limited their help is chosen to be.

    American studies, all are few and far between, suggest strongly that healthy eating, exercise and some

    sorts of behavioral therapy will be of more help than just drugs …. attitude is obviously important here as well.

    Sitting back and describing government and ‘not-for-profit’ health care help as a clusterfuck of uselessness is

    not going to do any good … actively doing exercise and healthy eating and avoiding crap that messes you up

    will go a long way to helping. Relying on meds and md s and websites is of marginal use … laughing helps.


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    Tea…I’m a great advocate of the regime of healthy eating, exercise and behavioral therapy…….I did take meds for a few years in the hay-day of my career….but that was at the tail end of it, certainly not the majority. Neither of my ADD kids take meds, although my daughter did from time to time in her last years of University. I don’t say that’s right for anybody….I’m certainly not preaching, it’s not my place…. just sharing my real-world examples.

    I have to say attitude (for me) is a huge factor…….I believe either positive or negative attitudes will come to fruition. I believe also that we tend to fulfill our prophecies…….which ever way we lean. At the risk of being repetitive……our house is a “ADD Positive” house, my children think they are quite “special” in a very positive way. That thinking, self-image, and positive self-esteem takes them along ways down to the road to YES I CAN…..and they are!!!

    So the healthy body and mind school of thought gets my vote…….any way one looks at what they are saying……has to be a positive life influence….yes??? How could a person lose…???? What could the down side be…????



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    I am still really new to this, but I have definitely got the message that medicine alone will not get me fit for fight. Started Ritalin for the first time yesterday – felt awake all day, then was exhausted as it wore off at 8pm. Went to bed but couldn’t sleep till 4am. Alarm woke me at 8 am for next dose, took it, then had a wonderful 2 hour nap which left me feeling really refreshed for the first time I can remember.

    I am coming from the experience that diet and structured days worked very well for me, but after a year I found that unsustainable, so am now trying meds and hoping it will support me for a bigger life in several ways. I don’t think I can try harder and psychologise myself out of all the dead ends in my life up to now, though it has taken me 6 months to get to the point of trying medicine- I agree with a minimalist no drugs approach in theory. It seemed like the time had come to try getting a little help from outside.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)