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Yep! Drive and motivation elude me however I find the more I overthink it the worse it is. The more I think “Aggg I should really be making dinner right now it is good for me and I have to make food for my lunch tomorrow at work but my bed is sooo darn comfy and these pijamas are so warm and it’s freezing outthere in the kitchen so I’m just gonna keep reading my book in bed. *stomach growls* But what am I going to do at 3 in the morning when my hunger wakes me up and what am I gonna to tomorrow for lunch? It’s just too uncomfortable to get out of bed and into the cold and so many things to think about…finding the right pot to cook in in the mess of all the pots i’ve randomly crammed into the cuppboard and I don’t know where any of the ingredients I need are and what if I have to wash out a pot (cant remember if it’s clean or not) then I’ll get my hands wet and then I’ll be really cold.”

I’m working on this too and don’t have any tried and true answers for you unfortunately but what I’m giong to try is not to overthink or have any feeling about what I have to do and just tell myself OK you are going to just jump out of ben and see how fast you can run into the kitchen throw some food into any clean pot u can find turn the stove on and race back to bed and read the rest of the chapter in your cozy warm bed. This is all I’ve come up with so far lol we’ll see how it really plays out or doesn’t.

All I know is if I see a task as a long involved task that requieres alot of thinking, planning and searching for things or discomfort it WONT get done. But if I can make something into a game like timing myself and make is simple and short there is more of a chance of it getting done. lol

This has worked for me at work. I divide all the things I have to do into short little tasks and challenge myself to see how many little tasks I can get done in 20 mins and before you know it I have 2 long tasks completed I just don’t realize it lol

Good luck and I hear ya!