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Re: (How?) Do you “come out” to junior staff?

Re: (How?) Do you “come out” to junior staff?2010-04-08T02:30:03+00:00

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I don’t know about your workplace, but I would be very careful about what you divulge to you subordinates about your “gift”. Being almost twice the age of most of my co-workers, it’s very interesting to see the group dynamics when they perceive they can find a promotion in it somewhere. A few will exploite any opportunity they can: compassion and understanding are just words in a dictionary.

While I have disclosed to my supervisor, and manager, and director, I haven’t to my co-workers. The management team has already marginalized me, I don’t want that from my peers.

If you among the lucky ones and have built up a rapport with your subordinates and you feel it may improve your situation than go for it. You are blessed.

Hope this helps…and good luck.