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Hi, Gang!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas/Holiday….


I have been learning about Buddhism myself and a lot of the concepts such as mindfulness have been helpful for me. A good book is “The Mindful Way Through Depression” by Mark Williams, John Teasdale, Zindel Segal and Jon Kabat-Zinn. It comes with a CD guiding you through the meditation process. Very helpful. I copied the files to my iPhone so that I can use it anytime I need a “break”

Although for people with depression and/or anxiety (I understand many ADDer’s have some of these conditions anyways…) it’s helpful just to learn how to identify when things are going out of control and techiques to lessen the impact when they occur.


Last fall I enrolled for TaiChi instruction and I’m really impressed on how it has helped me. I can feel things happening on a molecular level. Certainly made me more centered and calmer generally. I think it has something to do with improving blood flow in the brain as well as the rest of the body.

It was a little daunting at first. Because of the ADD, my learning style is somewhat different. I need to repeat things several million times before I finally get it. Not to mention a roomful of people waving arms and turning and such. And for a person with attentiion deficit, well, you can imagine how easy it was to loss you focus. I think Rick Greene had alluded Tai Chi in one of his blogs and being like ” a bunch of line dancers stuck in molasses”… you get the picture.

However, it’s coming together and it allows me a chance to “get control of my mind” for a few minutes. The average Tai Chi set takes around twenty minutes and consists of 108 moves. But some of the moves are repeated several times.

I mentioned my ADD to my instructor and she has been very accomodating. I said that I need to be immediately beside her just to reassure her I wasn’t a “stalker”. Even to the point that it would be helpful for me if she could wear one white shoe and one black shoe so I can see the position of her legs and feet during the set because of the distraction of being among other people.

The Taoist Tai Chi society goes to great lengths to separate the physical activity and the spiritual practice. You can pursue that aspect should you decide and the Soceity can direct you in that area. It’s not like a fanatic religious cult….

It may be worth your while to contact your local chapter and find out when they have an open house. The society is celebating it’s 40th anniversary in 2010 and there will be a lot of activity to promote the health benefits of Tai Chi.

I hope this helps and Good Luck