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Re: How Many Musicians Are Out There

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I love learning musical instruments – voice, guitar, piano, flute, piccolo, oboe, clarinet, sax – whatever I can get my hands on. I played sax in bands for years, but quit when I got married. Now I mainly just sing and play guitar with friends now – with the occasional flute gig if someone twists my arm… My latest passion – recording the great musicians I know! It’s like a music documentation thing because I know these guitar players that just make up the greatest songs, and don’t even realize how amazing they are! I just have to get it recorded before it’s lost. I am really good at learning how to operate machines and instruments – I’m kind of a mathematical kind of person. But I don’t have that talent for creating lyrics and melodies from scratch – I am just so amazed with anyone who can do that well! I quit my music major when I couldn’t memorize a flute concerto (and other issues). I also have a great voice, but can’t for the life of me memorize lyrics to songs. I am also amazed with people who can do that!