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Re: I'd be AMAZING at that! If only I knew what THAT was!

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Oh Mike, I once had a summer job that was a no-brainer and loved it. I ended up working with a couple of other summer students and we had a blast together! Since it was so ‘non-thinking’, only hands and arms involved, we were able to talk the summer away and earn money while doing it. We cracked more jokes and had a lot of deep meaningful conversations about just about every subject under the sun.

Could I have done that job forever? No, but for those 4 months I sure made some good memories.

On the other hand, I’ve done well at jobs that provided me with a lot of day-to-day variety. Most teachers hate to do supply/substitute work. Me? Since every day was different and full of new challenges, I loved it! Of course, after a while I wanted more job stability knowing that I’d be getting a full pay cheque as opposed to only a partial one (what? no sick teachers this week?? THAT won’t pay the bills).

When I started doing Special Ed. I found each day was exciting and different. Will someone smash the windows in the classroom today or throw a computer or will I just have to deal with teaching a bunch of regular old lessons?

In fact, now that I think about it, the rest of the staff was always amazed at how calm I was on the wild days. They would be running around flapping their arms asking me HOW I could be so calm. I’m sure it was my ADD. Adrenaline was my drug of choice back then and it sure worked well. Not that I’m recommending that we ADDers need to go creating our own adrenaline rushes to keep us calm and on=track. Sure does help make our lives interesting….

I guess it is all a matter of looking around for a job that is somehow or other connected to something we like/love to do and provides enough of whatever it is that we need according to our particular ADD issues. The more hyper of us may need constant change/crisis type scenarios to keep us going or conversely, maybe a super boring job so that we can ‘mind surf’ while we complete our work. The last option only if we want to poke our eyes out after a few years…..

The ADDers who are primarily the inattentive types might do better with a job that provides just enough stimulation to keep them ‘awake’ and focussed on the job without allowing their mind to wander off to the far reaches of some other planetary system, leaving their job undone.

It’s not easy finding that perfect combination. BTW, once upon a time long long ago, people started in one job and stayed there for life. Nowadays, it’s totally uncommon for anyone to stay in one job or career field for life and that includes even NON ADDers. For once, we’re just like everybody else!