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Re: I'd be AMAZING at that! If only I knew what THAT was!

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Interesting – I enjoyed your post – and see myself here and there in it. In fact, my employment has followed a similar pattern, and when I’m done “cleaning up” I get bored and want to move on. (unless, there are other reasons to move on……)

I find some bosses are indeed intimidated by folks like us. In fact, I find that now where I am at. One job I had, I now believe my boss was himself ADD (he’d never admit it, though) and we really clicked.

>>I am able to navigate chaos more easily with minimal collateral damage, more than most can<<

I’ve been through so much, it doesn’t hurt for very long, I pick myself up and brush myself off and move on.

My wife (my third) says that everything I have done or been through, every job I’ve had, has been a step along the way and has prepared me for the next, usually better and higher step. That without any of the prior, none of this could exist. Somehow it makes sense (and is a good feeling). As she’s a country girl with no college education she calls herself “not very smart” and yet, she has these flashes of brilliance, great ideas and suggestions (and she was an honor student in school with good grades). so I give her a virtual “slap” when she talks like that, telling her I’d never marry anyone dumb.

Anyway, on the chaos – when a major financial company I used to work for was hit hard by the code red worm, taking down their servers, etc. – I was the antivirus person (I had warned their web people of the impending doom, and they ignored me, saying they’d be fine… guess how it got in – their servers) anyway, I was there from my normal start time of 6:30am until about 1pm the following night going at it hard directing the efforts, suggesting next moves, basically coordinating traffic in the disaster when a company officer walked into my work area and hesitated a moment then said “you look like you really enjoy all this!” I had a cool head, they were panicked.

In high school and in college (and in fact, at a couple of later jobs) I was told by one of our college profs that I was “a leader” and that the “other students look up to you for guidance and leadership”

That scared the #$@% outta me! No way, me no leader. nope, don’t like that role, and yet, it seems to follow…. ug. Man, I can’t even guide my own life or lead myself down a good path, be responsible for them, too?