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Re: Im about to get fired..again..any suggestions

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I agree that it’s a tight spot for a “company” too. Having been on “both sides”, we have to admit that companies exist to make money, to profit, not just to employ people to keep them off welfare. So it’s a balancing act – if the company can’t compete with another company that works faster or more effeciently, then that company will soon cease to exist, meaning ALL employees will be terminated. So, the company must find a way to compete – to get things done or made quickly, effeciently, and accurately, make money and still be “fair” about it all.

some companies will recognize a good employee and attempt to find a spot where they CAN work out. One large company I know, and used to work for, would actually offer the employee a different position in the company – a different “job” to do, They’d even train them to do that job if both sides felt it was a better fit. That company recognized it was cheaper and more effecient for them to keep good employees, even ones with “problems” as retraining and rehiring cost them money – plus every time they let one go, their unemployment insurance rates went up. Maybe they weren’t doing it out of the “goodness of their hearts” but there was economic reasons it made good sense to keep ’em and simply move them to a spot more suited for that employee. Actually, I must say in this company, it was partly because they honestly cared. Their saving money was the side effect for them.

Maybe the company can send the employee to training – to learn time management skills, organizational skills. It really can be a win-win, it’s just a matter of showing the “boss” that it makes sense, and is economically feasable.

Sounds harsh probably, but in this world, it seems we have to be able to work harder to prove ourselves.

I’ve been there. It’s especially hard today – with fewer jobs out there. I know personally- I’d be in a panic………