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Re: Im about to get fired..again..any suggestions

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Patte Rosebank
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@ADDled, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Thanks for adding to it.

@ADDME, if you have a doctor’s letter explaining your condition and the effects it has on your work, and what accommodations you will need, it will greatly bolster your case.

One more thing…

If your employer deliberately makes things so difficult for you that you’re forced to quit, a little thing called “Constructive Dismissal” enters the picture. That means that even though your employer doesn’t officially fire you, he is deemed to have fired you, by making life on the job so miserable that you’re forced to quit. And the government (both the Ministry of Labour and the Human Rights Commission) regards constructive dismissal as even worse than wrongful dismissal, due to the deviousness of it.

Of course, if you tell your boss about your condition, and he terminates you because of it, that’s grounds for a Human Rights complaint, right there.

When I was having difficulties with my former boss, I secretly documented everything in a journal, noting what he said/did, what I said/did, and how I felt. There were even a couple of times when I secretly had a tiny voice recorder in my pocket, so I had concrete evidence of exactly what was said. I also got copies of pertinent documents that were in my employee file, so I had proof that they knew of my condition. (Under the law, employees are legally entitled to copies of everything in their employee file, so your boss can’t refuse to let you view and copy the file, in the presence of a supervisor or HR person.)

But the nicest thing I got was the satisfaction of knowing that my abusive boss died of a massive heart attack, at the age of 50, about 7 years after wrongfully terminating me and quite a few other employees. Some of us had a disability, and others didn’t, but we were all canned after the boss wrote false, negative performance reviews to justify immediate terminations.

I found out later that all of us had individually pursued the matter with either the Human Rights Commission, or the Ministry of Labour, and received considerably more compensation than the company had originally offered. But, for me, the best revenge is that the bastard is dead, and I’m still here!