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Re: I'm only usually late by 5 minutes…what's the big deal?

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i’m nodding at your post brentitude. your morning list and mine are incredibly similar. :D mine is more:

Wake up

Wail loudly

Remove cat from head


Feed animals

Search for something to eat for breakfast

Make crappy throw together breakfast from jam on a spoon and leftover springrolls

Curse empty juice jug

Make juice from frozen juice thingy and water

Drag breakfast and juice upstairs

Eat breakfast infront of computer while examining bad skin and checking email (fatal mistakes, no impulse control)

Search for meds

Take meds


Brush teeth

Wonder if i took meds or not

Check packets, count pills, assume meds taken

Play with cat and wet hair-towel for way too long (throw towel on cat, tickle smothered cat into submission, retreive wet cat from towel, encourage other cat to pounce on first cat, repeat)

Dry hair

Straighten hair

Retreive overexcited cats from bathtub

Curse bad skin

Tweeze exessively

Regret excessive tweezing

Poke self with styptic pencil

Apply makeup

Check email again

Check facebook

Doublecheck email

Reply to unimportant emails

Seek out socks

Curse lack of socks

Yell and wail

Consider borrowing boyfriends socks

Look for febreeze

Wear yesterdays socks sprayed wet with febreeze

Rumage through closet and laundry hamper for clothes

Throw on clothes

Look in the mirror

Curse dishevelled state

Seek out watch

Look at the time


Potty again (because I also cannot leave the house unless I do it just before I go)

Run downstairs

Run back upstairs for forgotten bag

Check email again (argh!)

Top up cat food

Apply cat treats to cats mouths

Grab a drink quickly from the fridge

Pace around attempting to finish drink

Put half mug of drink in fridge

decide that drink needs saran wrap, search for saran wrap, fail to find saran wrap, apply waxed paper and upsidedown saucer to drink instead

Grab chocolate from fridge

Check bag

Run back upstairs for forgotten item

Come back with wrong item

Run back upstairs

Stand in room trying to remember why i’m there

Go to the bathroom while i’m there incase that was the reason i’m there

Give up, run back downstairs, narrowly avoiding death by underfoot cat

Go outside

Realize that i am not wearing shoes

Go back inside and get shoes

Go back outside

Remember that i don’t have keys in my bag

Go and ask neighbour to let me in with the spare so i can get my keys

Go back inside and get keys

Go back outside

Realize that I forgot to check the knobs on the stove to make sure they are off and that i’ve left the hair straightening iron plugged in

See something else that really doesn’t need to be taken care of right away but fight desperate urge to do it anyway while i’m there

Go potty again

Grab coat, apply to head as don’t have umbrella

Realise i don’t have $3 for the bus either

Ring on neighbours doorbell again and apologetically accept the $3 she’s holding out to me before i even ask for it

Run for bus, checking watch every 20 seconds in desperate hope that time will slow down or even stop

Miss bus entirely

Mill around on pavement at bus stop cursing bus companies, wondering if i missed the bus and talking to stray cat for 45 minutes

See next bus driving away behind me from between legs while bent over tickling stray cats belly

Curse bus companies loudly

Consider going home and asking neighbours husband for a ride

Decide that i’m too lazy for that, mill around a bit longer, talking to cat about the importance of not distracting me next time a bus comes please

Cat gets bored of conversation and leaves

Talk to strangers and make them feel obviously uncomfortable but feel unable to shut up anyway

Talk to ladybugs

Catch third bus

Get to mall and can’t remember why i’ve gone there, stand around staring blankly for some time, contemplating futility of continued existance.

Retreive ‘whatever you’ve got that i’m allowed’ ADD drugs from pharmacist.

Hope those were the drugs i ran out of.

i actually don’t make promises or give my word to people, because i won’t be pushed into becoming a liar, and i really do not know the future. i most certainly will agree or volunteer to do my best, and i will have a sincere intent, i will say that as things stand right now i can’t see a situation not turning out in any way other than the one we hope for, but there is no way in hell you’ll get an ‘i promise to/that…’ out of me. aint gonna happen. it’s not a cop out, it’s being realistic. my mother would never promise things to me (gifts, trips, rewards, etc) when i was a child for the same reason. cos stuff happens.