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Re: I'm only usually late by 5 minutes…what's the big deal?

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brentitude- slightly off on a tangent- this stuff we have in britain is really good iron and doesn’t screw people up: http://www.nelsonsnaturalworld.com/en-gb/uk/our-brands/spatone/ …..you can buy it online from pharmacies like well.ca in canada, probably all over the rest of the world, etc. might be worth a go- it’s a powder, you can take it in water or in orange, apple, or another low tannin high vitamin c juice- even on an empty stomach. salespitch over. :D

i’m kinda lucky in a way, cos if i miss my pills i tend to realise after about 6 hours- cos i’m sniffling and itching myself insane without the antihistamines, and feeling really weird as effexor withdrawal symptoms kick in- sooner or later my brain realises why! luckily thats the most harm i’d come to- with bp and all the other stuff its a bit more scary i bet. :D

yeah, we have one of those flat glass electric cooktops at the moment and i worry about little seared cat feet sooo much. i’d not even considered gas issues, even though i wanna switch back to it (hate cooking on electric!) now thats another thing to contemplate. i wonder if they make them with a childlock. i know kitchen doors would solve the whole thing, but the ones i got for xmas are still leaning against the hall wall despite promises of them being installed on my birthday (over last weekend), so hmmmmm…. probably best i keep a few alternative strategies around. ADHD + tired harrassed old bf = not much renovation going on. :D

i used to hate public toilets, but i remember reading a post from someone on another message board that was pretty much “my butt germs can kick everyone elses butt germs asses” and it sort of got me thinking about how most toilet seats are way cleaner than doorknobs and *ick* computer keyboards *examines curry stain closely* and i sorta got over it a fair bit. worst case scenario i’ll run away and find another stall, or make my own little toiletpaper seatcover and hope i manage to get out of the washroom without wearing it like a tail. :D