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Re: I'm only usually late by 5 minutes…what's the big deal?

Re: I'm only usually late by 5 minutes…what's the big deal?2011-03-17T12:16:22+00:00

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Ditto! Yes, a resounding “ME TOO!” to everything everyone on here mentioned. Except, for you, shuz4me, you you arsehat, I believe is the word that’s been pegged! >:( Don’t even know you, but your choice of words and attitude make me want to punch you. And let forth a slew of choice epithets, that I am restraining myself from doing, Because I’m pretty sure that sort of thing is frowned upon on these forums.

And for your information, Yes. I have told every potential boss at every job interview that I am chronically late. That I have ways of coping with it. In restaurants (old jobs) and massage office & spa (last 12 yrs job) I always set up as much as I can the night before, to limit time required at the start of my shift. I have found that by working for smaller, family-run, independent employers, I prove my worth despite my tardiness, and am Always Ready To Go Within 5 minutes of opening shop.

I even had a boss that would call me at 5 am, to make sure I was up, since I had to be at the diner at 5:30ish (short walk to work) to open by 6!

And, another thing, shuz4me: What makes you think someone ELSE making you wait even 5 minutes is robbing you of your precious pre-accounted-for-number of heartbeats, when YOU rob yourself of them by showing up to work 30 minutes earlier than you have to? It’s all subjective perspective, smarty-pants.

And I would love to keep reading and ranting, but I’ve been trying to get myself into a pre-bed bath for three hours already. Hmph. Maybe I’ll just wait till tomorrow.

(But if I had to be at work early, I would just do it now, since it is easier to stay up late than get up early, even if that means I only sleep 2-4 hours! But I don’t – my first appointment at work tomorrow is at 5PM. Ahhh.)

(I also always take my meds (allergies, birth control) at night – before bed – or else I invariably leave the house and realize too late that I forgot ans will have to suffer the consequences. Today I took my FIRST DOSE of Wellbutrin, for ADD! It will be a 2x day thing, so I’ll have to sort that out. And I love how the dang pharmacists are all like, “Ooh, it can be stimulating, so better take that 2nd pill of the day by 5 pm!” o.O?? WTH time is someone getting up if anything later than a 5pm will keep them up?!? I think mine will be at MIDNIGHT. A nice five hours before I go to bed. I’m sure my am pill will be noonish, so that will work perfectly. I don’t like the weird time/schedule assumption. I can’t do math!)