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Re: I'm only usually late by 5 minutes…what's the big deal?

Re: I'm only usually late by 5 minutes…what's the big deal?2011-03-17T17:47:27+00:00

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Well devinerebel – credit where credit is due is appropriate here. Poor shuz4me didn’t post those thoughts…they were mine. I don’t want to interpret but…. you seem (maybe) to have taken offense to my thoughts and to my position on this topic? Interesting?? I must have signed up here without reading the fine print (I’m ADD you know and can be prone to glossing over instructions, my bad). It was a misinterpretation (of mine, I take responsibility ) that this site and these forums were indeed a safe place to comment or share either similar, divergent or challenging opinions on the topics posted…. without threats and verbal admonishment…….again my bad. Opps….

So yes devinerebel… “timeliness” is my thing, I make no excuses for it, it’s mine. I actually feel that my timeliness and focus on personal reliability is a strength of mine. I also feel it is my obligation to say what I mean and mean what I say…if it goes along with the flock… or counter to it. Throughout my life I have found that taking a strong position on the “right thing to do” (for me) at times can bring an onslaught of name calling, threats…..and or verbal abuse from others. That’s ok with me.

Fact is….nobody ever said the “right thing” and holding ones self hard to that bar is easy…..quite often it is the hard road….a road less traveled actually. I have tended to search extensively to find those things that work, and work for me in particular….nothing to do with you whats so ever…. and I share accordingly, particularly if it appears successful for me, in my life.

Why….because I understand that our perceptions become our habitual frame of reference, and we act and react within those frames. Our ideas and attitudes generate our emotional responses and also our behavior. I have spent a lifetime working at conquering various aspects of my life……and I’m quite pleased with my progress to date. If that brings forward negative emotions from you or anybody else for that matter, so be it….that’s for you, and certainly not for me to judge. You see, I also think it is important to challenge our paradigms, particularly if we are to grow and flourish. Possibly it’s because I feel there can be no real change, no real growth in any of us unless our basic perceptions and reality are challenged and changed??? Anyway…these are just thoughts……. remember they are mine, for me. Please feel free to use them or leave them as you see fit.