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Personal experience…yes, Shrinks are very clinical……testers mostly. They seem to rely on looking for patterns within a barrage of clinically designed tests. Ok I guess……but hmmm…..then what….more meds???? In some cases yes, and that is a viable for some…just a start for others maybe.

I am an advocate of “talk work” (not news)….it was the best thing that ever happened to me!!!!! AS SDWA mentioned, the right counselor is critical…it’s everything. Also a few weeks or a month or two may not make a lot of significant change or deep change come about. Short term crisis counseling has it place, but deep seated issues and behavioral and vision or perceptual patterns (from what I know) may take significant time and effort to work through. I had a counselor tell me a general rule of thumb is one month for each year of life. Do the math!!

My personal take is….there little difference when it comes to ADD counseling and non-ADD counseling….this is my personal view and I’m not offering advise, just sharing. It goes like this……people are people…..issues are issues….acceptance is acceptance….as are developing understanding and pattern and vision exposure and re-direction. To me, the fact one’s brain works in one way or another may or may not have any bearing other than in developing a relationship with the counselor and developing some root understanding of where you came from. History can be important…..not for dwelling in…but as a guide to how we got here.

Either way (I believe) there is no short cut…….. no magic……do the work, work hard, be fearless in the face of the fear…. stay the course….if there is no deep seated desire and effort…there likely will be be no significant change. Personal change….deep personal change is maybe the hardest thing I ever did….ever…..without question. It is also (for me) the most rewarding…..it brought me to a good life, a good vision, contentment….a positive life, without regret. What more could I ask???

I cannot over state….I owe it all to my mentor/counselor….all of it!!!!! Another counselor may not have had the insite, personality and life history that was the perfect combination to work with me. He knew how to guide me….to enable me to open myself up…and do my own open heart surgery…..get in touch with who I was/am…..and rebuild myself to what I always was.

Anyway…this is not up for debate……it’s personal….it’s mine….to share.