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After watching ADD and loving it my wife and I had a long conversation. Durring the program I saw myself. I looked at my personal traits and how ADD explained them.

In the past-premeds

I was always late for the start of meetings. I remembered if I got there early I would worry/anxiety about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. My ADD compensation-be late…if the other participant were there is was in the right place..no stress/anxiety.

A second trait for me was the interuption of conversations—I had to speak. ADD compensation for not being able to hold a thought.

This is just two out of hundreds of examples in my life.

After a long self critical examination with my wife I set up the Dr’s visit. The Dr asked “Why do you think you have ADD/ADHD”

I explained how I watched the program and I fit perfectly with my personality traits.

As he gave me a four page interview. I did not try to convince the DR of anything. I just told it the way it was(fine critical detail and no generalities). I had 67 years of experience to draw on.. He is the expert.

After two one hour interviews with me and my wife both present. He diagnosed ADD/ADHD. He gave me a perscription for 5mg of Ritalin and asked me to come back in 3 days.

When he asked what had happened I replied “the light have been turned.” Under medicine I can scan a room while just walking thru it. If I need an Item I can remember where it was and walk get it. This was impossible without the medicine.

I also explained to the DR. that I could tell when the medicine started to take affect and when it stopped. If I could tell the difference the medication must be working.

But most of all my wife and friends saw the possitive change right away I could listen and talk in a social setting without interrupting.

This diagnosis and medication have truley given me my golden years. Previous to this I can only remember two days where I did not have any worries/stress or concerns on my mind.. yes 67 years and only two days.. This has changed now.

I thank God for Program and the people who made it.

I thank my wife for sticking by my side during some very difficult days in the past. Our mariage is much better and stronger now that we both understand ADD/ADHD.