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Re: Irony

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I don’t make my bed unless company is coming:) And of course if company IS coming they had better let me know a day in advance or I’m not answering the door!!!

So Gryf…you’re saying I have to do stuff BEFORE I go to bed???? That would require a planned bedtime…UGH!!!!! And um…washing dishes? Isn’t that why God invented kids? I earn the money, buy the groceries and cook dinner. Isn’t that enough?

And if I am to do anything on a routine basis when I wake up, that would require waking up…God forbid…early!!!! Double UGH!!!!

I love the suggestions about putting my passwords on the bottom of my keyboard, and the obnoxious colored notebook.

I do already have several notebooks, notepads, post its, and a Franklin Organizer…but where did I put them???

I have sworn that I would never buy a Smart Phone cuz I don’t want to buy into the hype…I see people with phones coming out of their ears everywhere I go. I may have to think about it.

I am considering doing all of my bills through my bank or auto payments…just have to sit down and do it.

I can not answer anything in one word. Ever. It’s not in my genes.

Drives my emotionally unavailable bf crazy. (That’s another thread.)

I like laughing about this stuff with those that really understand. For some reason if a non-ADDer makes the same suggestions I want to bite their heads off. Like they are judging…

Don’t y’all hate the word JUST?????