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My wife (enabler) reads directions and paraphrases to me.

Tonight we did the new power sprayer. I asked her, “Which one of these 4 spray nozzles has the highest volume?” She scanned the book for a while, only to realize that it didn’t contain that information. I love her so much!

I went to buy dog food today, and asked her which one to get… She replied “Chicken”, and after a long blank stare, she then reiterated, “The red one”. Same one we’ve been buying for several years, incidentally.

I make wrong turns frequently, too. I have lived at the same house for 3 years and change, and I will pass it by like it’s invisible on occasion. I’ve always done that. When they came out with GPS, I thought I was saved, but my wife has frequent arguments and disagreements with the GPS, so now I have to choose sides.

Since the movie, “ADD and Loving It”, I’ve used the excuse, “I’ve just got to burn that DVD real quick” to my wife when we’re about to be late. We’ve only had 3 appointments since we saw the movie, but I’ve used the “DVD” comment all 3 times.

My wife is a shrink – I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not – but she’s been calling me “ADD” since forever. I thought she was yanking my chain since we aren’t allowed to psychoanalyze each other.

I’ve noticed that my typing has started to demonstrate a sort-of “dyslexic” style over the past couple of years. I’m certainly not dyslexic, but my attention to detail has diminished for some reason, and this has made for some interesting days at the office. Brentitude mentioned above about reading books backwards as a child – I have been phonetically saying sentences backwards since I was a child. Somebody will say a sentence and I’ll spell it in my head backwards, and then speak the backwards sentence as it might sound were it spelled that way. I wonder how much this exercise has caused my “dyslexic” issues.

I interrupt people, and because of Beignet’s comments above, I now realize it’s because if I don’t interrupt, I’ll forget what my point was. Thanks Beignet!

Ok, I’ve had a rant now, so I officially feel as if I have broken in my new account. I’m worried sick about hitting the “Send” button.

I would have to be in the right mood to read a post as long as this one. This note took about 45 minutes to write, and I’m doing absolutely nothing else.

Also, I time and count everything. Dna I naem GNIHTYREVE!

I’m probably watching this thread and slamming the “refresh” button.