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your wife is a shrink? 😆 you’re doomed to never get one past her. my parents are both in 12 step programs- they have the same issue- arguments now tend to fall flat rather quickly with “i feel that you’re being rather controlling, dear”, “when did you last call your sponsor?” or “cough-denial-cough*”… too much insight takes all the fun out of it really. :P

i don’t know about dyslexic, but my typing has never involved great use of capitalisation or decent grammar- quite frankly because i just cannot be arsed to put as much effort into hitting the shift key as is required for doing that sort of thing. when you’re a self-taught 2 fingered speed typist who thinks too fast, mashes the keys a lot, and gets fingercramp frequently, every click counts! :P

i try not to interupt people in formal situations- cos they get annoyed and thats not usually in my best interests- i have a notebook and doodle so i can listen to them for more than 3 seconds straight, and if i think of something which i deem is worthy of interrupting them, i write it down (if i can’t be bothered with that, it’s evidently not that important after all!) and we have periodic ‘scheduled interuption’ time where i’ll go through my list and weed out the nonsesne from the pertinent. if you try and hold a conversation with me thats not formal- good luck, you’re on your own, may the most detirmined speaker win! :D