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Ditto on “billd”s comments.

The best description, I have, of what it’s like to be ADHD (the negative side only) is that trying to control my focus is like trying to hold my breath. Sure, I can do it – for a while.

The trait I like best, is the ability to participate in the “spring boarding” of ideas. I find great satisfaction when somebody takes one of my, less than perfect, ideas and transforms it into something viable and useful – or the other way around. I’ve learned that being the winner in the exchange of ideas, is a hollow, unrewarding, victory.

Notice, I didn’t say supportive. Agreement and acquiescence are neither necessary nor sufficient. I felt good, when an opposing idea was enhanced by something my idea exposed.

When it comes to social support, for me, it must be a knowledgeable social support – like this forum. I find unknowledgeable sympathy very annoying. Anybody else have some experience with this?

Family, friends, and co-workers (an engaging social matrix) are a necessary component to this ADHD friendly process. It does wonders for one’s attitude.

=== (subject change)

The psychiatrist, who got me on medication, was ADHD ignorant. The choice of medication (Concerta) and dosage (108mg) was a joint effort. Concerta was the initial choice, because it worked for my daughter and grandson. The dosage process took several months. Basically, I had a pile of 18mg capsules. I started out on 54mg and bumped it another 18mg every two weeks. At 126mg, I sensed a physical reaction. Not a high, but weird. I backed off to 108mg and, from inside my head, everything went back to normal.

Externally, my wife noticed a lot of changes. The principle changes she noted were:

– more pleasant to be around

– no emotional blow-back from interruptions

– reduced temper flair ups when “mother nature” was being uncooperative

– more willing to engage in collaborative (and boring) household chores

I too, found her to be more pleasant. Very important, since I had recently retired and was around the house a lot more.

At the initial meeting with this psychiatrist, he told me in no uncertain terms, that if I lost or misplaced the script, he would not replace it. Obviously, he was a bit uncomfortable and was not going to enable drug abuse. And, no, I didn’t get the whole pile of capsules at one time. The engagement was very responsible and heavily monitored.