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We are, by a genetic binding, brothers and sisters.

Fear is not appropriate. Your “dinosaur” brain will take over. The point is, one of our traits is that we lack the degree of voluntary focus control possessed by the general population. Dr. Hallowell refers to them as “farmers” while we are “hunter / gatherers”. I don’t know if there is any truth to it, but it is a useful analogy.

I have found Dr. Hallowell’s insights into the ADHD mind very practical and useful in everyday life.


Re: the Concerta. Initially, I was very apprehensive that the ADHD positives would be compromised by the drug. This was an experiment and I was going to be in control (how un-ADHD like :-) – not the doctor (psychiatrist). My objective was to learn what it was like so I could be a better advocate for my grandson. The results were completely unexpected.

Since, I have been on the meds, I have created another Internet protocol CPUXA/IP, and authored an assembler and a compiler for Applied DIgital’s ADICON series of home automation controllers. I have designed and built a compression bridge (25′). I have implemented my younger son’s radiant heat system after the GC said it could not be done. The setup is deployed in 10 square feet, while the same configuration was deployed in 75 square feet on “This Old House”. Yes it looks like a tuba, but it works and is maintainable – failed parts can be removed and replaced in situ without a hacksaw or torch. I also have a woodworking shop. Oh, Yeh, and started a, so far, successful business. No worries on the creative front.

My hobbies are Home theater, brewing live, cask conditioned, bitter ales, and baking bread, I couldn’t do all these things and meet all the neat people associated with these activities, if I did not posses the ADHD genes.

FYI – I can’t tell if I have taken the meds. Sometimes I forget. My wife and grandson have no difficulty in detecting if I have.