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I can drink coffee, Mountain Dew, you name it, and sleep ok, well, like normal for me. There are things that will make me sleep if I have problems, but generally, I try to keep a set time to go to bed and sleep and I’m generally fine.

I have a temper sometimes. I’m VERY sensitive (so please folks – if I go off, please don’t get too bothered. It’s just me, who and how I am. I generally don’t mean it and an hour later will regret it anyway.

I’ll never forget the day that the company I worked for got hit by “code red” the big web worm. It was taking down servers and the company web servers were falling left and right. It was crazy. There I was, with the console into our AV, sitting calmly working and my office was a flurry of activity with folks from the server team, security team, etc coming and going asking for advice, what to do first or next and so on. The head of the information protection area came and asked – what do you think, and I answered “pull the plug, remove Internet” – it was the first time ever the company had gone offline, blocked all internet access and I had just given the order to the HEAD of the security team!

Then a company officer and manager came in to my work area and said “you really enjoy this, don’t you – look at you so calm and organized, doing all the right things”.

Yeah, I was high as a kite right then. I’d started my shift at the normal time – 6:30am that day, but the bug hit just before I would have gone home for the day. Finally near 3am someone said “go get a shower, some sleep and something to eat” So I did, and returned at 7 to start my next work day. (I lived 30 minutes away)

Any Star Trek fans ever watch Data work a problem, or type in complex commands to the ship computer? I’ve been compared to that when under pressure.