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Hi, richzilla_blue!

Welcome to our “safe place” in this world.

That’s a very positive attitude you have right now, although I think you’re being hard on yourself when you refer to “this life sentence”. I’d call it experience and a new beginning. I was diagnosed at 55, and yes, I’ve made all the mistakes in my life that you made in yours.

I see 50 as the new 30 and apparently there is no limit to what we can do because, well, we have life experience and you can’t teach that in school. We’ve dealt with our demons and won. That, and ADD if used for good, is a very powerful combination in my opinion.

For help with relationships, I’d highly recommend “You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Crazy or Stupid” by Kate Kelly and Peggy Remundo. Get the revised and updated version with the blue cover. I’ve just re-read that one and it’s quite helpful.

As far as the work thing it’s extremely tough for everyone right now, but especially tough for us ADDers because of our usually spotty employment history. Now that you know that you’re ADD, use the strengths of that to help channel your job search. Go here for some ideas:


Or, have you thought about self-employment or contract work? I’m investigating a few things myself right now using the strengths of my ADD and they’re nothing even close to what currently doing.

Hope this helps…and good luck.