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allan wallace
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Heh, now we’re talkin’….disasters and I are Siamese twins….jobs? where to start. I’ve almost been killed through my own stupidity. On more than one occasion. Once was in a Chemical Plant. What was I thinking? I must have been suicidal at the time… At more than a few places I’ve been called Frank Spencer. I worked as a helper for a roof tiler for a week or so, but on one of the days I was hanging from a gutter on a two storey house by my shirt. I must have looked like a tea-bag dangling there. I fell off the roof a few times. On the ground I managed to wreck a stack of tiles. I don’t know how I did it, and I’d defy any forensic investigator to figure it out either. But I did! Somehow. I managed to burn a meal in a slow cooker for Godsakes! Is that normal?

Feller above me, I could just copy and paste your post, except mine would be worse. Flunked. High school drop-out. I’ve had well over 100 different jobs and we’re the same age. I am married, but if I had money I’d have been divorced years ago. If I was on a desert island by myself, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, thousands of miles from civilisation, I’d still somehow be able to incite a riot, get myself arrested, cause an unholy uproar for as many that would be calling for my execution, would be an equal amount demanding not only clemency, but a pardon, and I’d be looking for somewhere to hide!