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Re: Loud noises???

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i’m ok with loud noises as long as there are plenty of them, and they’re busy/complex enough. then i can tune them right out and actually think clearer than i do with total quiet. if there is just one noise- especially a quiet one, it’ll bore into my head and drive me insane- like a dripping tap in the distance- i just can’t tune it out and it calls for my attention like a whiny child. i’ve done some horrible things to dripping taps before. :D

i love bass- really loud and hard so it hits you in the chest. i can’t listen to music with lyrics easily- it has to be fast paced dance music with a lot of bass or i get incredibly bored and fiddle with the buttons until something else is playing.

the one time that i only want just one noise, or no background noise, is when someone is speaking. i’ve got a little bit of hearing damage from childhood, and i struggle to tune out background sounds from voices enough to make out some of the word sounds- let alone to focus my attention on whoever is rambling on way too slowly about something or other thats usually very dull. and everyone gets sick of hearing “sorry what?” after the sixth time- myself included.