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Re: Loud noises???

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Several of your posts I could have written!

I have in the past studied exactly like Megatron! Can’t stand loud noises. Can’t stand high-pitched or repetitive noises. Put the last two together and you’re aiming for a fist in the face.

I have the same tactile issues as Tweetergor.

And OH the chewing and slurping. For heaven’s sake, why didn’t people learn to chew with their mouths closed. And just WAIT until your tea is cool enough to drink. GAH!

My husband is a huge fan of white noise. He has to sleep with a fan on. No fan, no sleep. I have become very accustomed to it and find myself turning it on even if he’s away. But I still like sleeping in silence.

I love silence. Sometimes when I’m home by myself I turn off his computer (that thing makes a massive racquet), the TV and anything else and just sit and read or knit. It’s a glorious vacation.

I hate the sound of my husband rubbing his feet together. It makes me mental.

For some time we had a trunk in the living room that functioned as a coffee table. Friends would come over and flip the handle up and down with their foot. Metal on metal. I’d loose it every time. Just snap. They thought it was funny. My husband thought I was irrational. I didn’t know I had ADHD. I moved the trunk.