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Re: Loud noises???

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Kazuo… I can really relate to your sound sensitivities…

In the past, I have stayed up all night to write term papers when it was completely quiet.

I hate those bulbs too…

Just a few days ago, after walking through three rooms to find the source of the noise, I turned off the lights in my bathroom because I could hear a really faint, but annoying sound coming from the bulbs – they’re not old though?

I hate the sound of the dishwasher too, and paid a lot extra to get a really quiet one.

I tried going to the doctor once for ear pain, but they said I had no infection, and gave me an unconvincing spiel about it possibly being caused by air pressure changes? I didn’t get any help.

Gert – I can hear the annoying teen alarms too… and find them downright painful.

I have wondered about having better hearing also… or if I am possibly hearing tones that other people don’t? I knew a woman like that when I was a teen, so I know it is possible. I also have difficulty distinguishing what people say at times when there is background noise – so I am not sure?