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Re: Loud noises???

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isabel- the ‘air pressure changes’ thing is about your eustachian tubes- they join your middle ear to the back of your throat- when you swallow or yawn they open up and allow the pressure to change- they’re what can make your ears really hurt and pop when you go through a steep incline/descent in a car or plane, dive and swim back to the surface in a swimming pool, or when you blow your nose with a head cold. they can screw up for numerous reasons (thats called eustachian tube dysfunction) and it does hurt like hell. they can go into a sort of spasm of opening and closing repeatedly too, and that’ll make this weird clicking noise in your ears that drives you totally mental after a few days (i say this from experience!) which is kinda like tinnitus, but with a full, pulsating feeling.

/ear nerd ramblings :P