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Re: Loud noises???

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I work in a Emergency Room and before being diagnosed and not on meds noises and moniters beeping in the chaos didnt bother me I didnt really notice. But when I would go up to ICU the the beeping or the moniters would drive me nuts. Now if I take my adderall and work in the ER the beeping moniters stand out to me in the chaos and drive me crazy.


Yeah! If I’m doing “my thing”, rather than trying to do “a thing”, I don’t really notice things as nuisances or irritations. Get me to a situation where nothing is happening, and I seem to devote myself to cursing and ranting about those little stupid things, garnering the ‘What’s his problem?’ stare. Meds have never helped with my feeling toward irritation, although, I do find I deal with it creatively.

As always, I hope I’m making sense.