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Re: Loud noises???

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It is nice to know that I’m not alone with various sensory sensitivity issues. I had otosclerosis that progressed as I got older to the point that I HAD to have the surgery to correct my hearing, now I have acute hearing. A lot of times when in public I wish I did not have the surgery (stapendecomies) because I used to be able to take my hearing aids out and tolerate the noises around me. The worst place for me is the United Center in Chicago – a torturous nightmare be it sporting events or concerts.

I can relate to the person that has sense of touch problems. I can not wear sock to bed and sometimes I just want to jump out of my own skin when anything is touching my feet. It is really weird.

I also cannot wear perfume anymore. It does not matter the scent, cheap, expensive, or just putting on a dab my nose goes absolutely nuts and I can barely breath. I cannot be around anyone that smokes, not even walk behind the person outside. Car exhaust fumes are just as bad. Thank goodness for the air recirculation button, as soon as I sense I am going to be behind a vehicle with bad exhaust system I have to flip the recirculation on. My sense of smell has gotten more sensitive as I get older.

When going to a resturant I cannot sit by the stations, kitchen, or a main walking area. The background noise is too much and I cannot hear or concentrate on the conversation. This was worse, before my ear surgeries, then I had to damn near read lips to put the conversation together. Crying babies or misbehaving kids in public places are a huge stressor for me too. I have dogs and cannot sleep and have called the police for nuisance on others whose dogs are barking all night. The dog might as well be in my bedroom.

I was taking classes that were live and the guys in the back operating the video equipment would talk ‘quietly’ during class. This drove me nuts because I could hear then even though I always sit near the front of the lecture hall. I finally asked the kid next to me if he could hear them and he said no.

I did not think that the sensory issues were ADD related, but I am learning a lot that I was not aware of before.

Nice to know I’m not alone.