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Re: Loud noises???

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Wow, Thanks to all of you who posted here, I am not as sensitive to loud noises as many of you have described, loud TV, loud music or several people talking all at the same time does run me up a wall. I have worked around loud machinery most of my life, I am guessing my mind learned to tune it out. But I have a 6 yr old & a 2 yr old that are both scared to death of any loud noise, even our dog barking. I had never put it together until now, that it was associated with the ADHD.

Kazou….I also love classical music for it’s relaxing affect on me, but for some reason I have gotten away from listening to it. I see now I need to get back to it for myself as well as for my children. I had neurosurgery on my left arm about 10 years ago, since that time a loud base noise is painful to me, A doctor told me we do actually feel the vibrations from a base, I hated it when my son was in High school band, I loved going to the concerts and Jazz concerts, They were a very, very good band, but when the base tuba or base drum played I would often have to leave the room.