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Re: Medical marijuanna, what do you think about it?

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@Turbo : Ok, you must be right, you seem to know so much about something you apparently never tried. I should not consider the research done in this field. I should ignore that cannabis provides airway dilatation… But hey, I’m such stupid, ignorant and head in cloud hippie… Maybe I should tell my university to rethink about my electrical engineering master degree admission… We should tell all researchers to stop their reasearch on it’s effect on migraine, epilepsy, asthma, tourette’s syndrome, lung/breast/thyroid/prostate/brain cancer, AIDS, ADHD, pain relief, artritis, anxiety, parkinson, sleeping problem, abdominal pain, nausia, etc… Research that as been going for more than a century are totally a waist of time… Thank you for sharing your facts, they are so… factual !!! I would share some videos and research study, but it would be useless since everything researchers have done is false… You shed light on this matter… Hey no sarcasm here!!! Maybe it’s the stress I’ve been going through my life that helped me with my asthma…

@Callmecrazy, little knowledge ??? yes I’ve never read anything on therapeutic cannabis, still no sarcasm !!! I know more than you seem to think… I knew that it stays longer than 2 hours, I was just asking how much time YOU heard it stays, some say 1-2 weeks or 1 months for side effects other 2 days, probably depends on how much you have, but as I said, therapeutic cannabis is amazingly different from street cannabis, thc level, cbd levels, cbg levels, nutrients, strain type, yield timing, drying and curing time are important for different type of health problems and wanted effects.

Please stop believing I’m a totally ignorant nobody!!! I’ve worked (as an internship) at the CHUM (Montreal hospital) in fundamental research with the functionnal MRI group for 8 months, they where doing research on different patient to help them with their diseases they did used therapeutic cannabis… I’ve not directly worked with those patient since I was working on a electrical module to help patient taking fMRI test… Was a module to help stimulate the somatosensory response on fingers, hand, feet, face… The main point of this topic was to see how people reacted to the term medical marijuanna and point out that most of the mass belief where actually false… The more I read about other post, the more I want to go in that study field, so I just find it funny when people tells me I know nothing about this!!!