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Re: Medical marijuanna, what do you think about it?

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i think that while weed does certainly have some effects that could be deemed constructive, as has been said, its a complex drug that works in myriad different ways- depending on strain and quality of whatever the dealer has, what its been adulterated with, the individuals genetic wiring, dosing, pattern of useage, environmental factors, etc.

ok great- you feel that its working for you. but you’re still effectively self-medicating, and however well you think you’re managing weed, if you’re medicated, you’re not in the best position to be objective or make the most accurate judgments about the effect its having on you- and because you’re -i assume- not in a lab, nor in a position to extract and accurately meter exact doses of THC, and use them at precise intervals, that effect isn’t going to be consistant.

THC can definately slow down a racing mind, it can make thoughts seem sharper, clearer, more profound. it can help you wind down and get to sleep, increase your pain threshold, make you feel more socially adept and comfortable, and so on. but, at the same time, it can impair judgement, its not exactly ideal for those who are genetically or otherwise predisposed to mental health challenges- as it can increase paranoia, and quadruples the risk of schizophrenia and psychosis developing in early adulthood when used by teens, it can make some types of impulsivity worse, screw completely with your decision making ability, and the cumulative effect of repeated use combined with the fact that its fat soluble, means the contents of every joint sits around in your system for quite possibly months after inhalation.

its also worth factoring in that cannabis contains many of the same carcinogens as tobacco, and the way its typically smoked (no filter, with tobacco, deep inhalation held for as long as possible) means you’re getting a lot of nasty carcinogenic crap in your lungs… and cancer sucks big time.

i’m not saying this as someone looking in from the sidelines, i used a lot of cannabis in my late teens- various strains, prepared in different ways, in different amounts – the first joint i ever smoked was packed with white widow, and enjoyed in the grasshopper cafe in amsterdam- i wasn’t just doing bottle bongs of nasty soapbar behind a brick wall behind my college (i did that too, mind you!).

my opinion is that for every plus with weed there is a minus, and for everyone who has smoked it for 30 years and is ‘fine’- healthy, well adjusted, holds down a job, is part of a happy family with a satisfied wife and 2.4 kids, has a rich social life, uses recreationally on a weekend but can take it or leave it, etc, there is a morbidly obese, paranoid, long-term unemployed, ex-convict, unwashed, burn-hole nd stain covered shirt wearing, desperately in need of a haircut man in his mid 30’s living in his parents basement on twinkies and cheezies, collecting welfare, sleeping all day, and playing ps3 all night with his loser mates.

the benefits from weed were great while they lasted for me, but long term it really didn’t work out as perfectly as i thought it would- or was. it took me quite a while to actually really see when things were sliding downhill, let alone get my head together enough to accept it- cos that fluffy blanket weed that wraps around your mind is pretty damned cosy and comfortable. it didn’t work out too awesomely for many of my friends and aquaintances either, several of whom can still be found toking on a joint exactly where they hung out 15 years ago when we were kids… only now they’re mentally not any further on than they were then, they’ve got criminal records and zero job prospects, and they’re pretty much total write-offs- they’ll loudly sing the medicinal praises of weed if you ask them about it though- not that its convincing when you look at them.

if i was gonna use weed medicinally, i’d get a THC or other cannabis derivative prescribed in a spray or tablet format by a doctor, and use it under his care- with regular checkups. just like if i was gonna use medicinal speed, i’d be smarter to get a script for that than to buy a wrap off the street from whoknowswho, rub base into my gums, and get crippling gutrot and some unfortunate free dental work for my troubles. if i couldn’t do that- i wouldn’t do it.