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Re: Methylpenidate(concerta 56mg XR) to amphetamine (vyvanse)?

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Hi, Inefficient

For what it’s worth…

I have been on Vyvanse for about six months. Prior to that I was on 90 mgs of Concerta per day. And I can say I much prefer the effects of Vyvanse. Specifically, I have more energy and it’s easier to work tasks that require concentration and organizational skills. The organizational part has always been a struggle: for all of us, too, I imagine. But it was the lack of energy, both physical and mental, that made me see my doctor about why I felt that way. At home after work I would crash in front of the TV after supper and fall asleep.

I found it takes 30-45 minutes to “kick-in”, but I can notice the change. I’m now at 90 mgs per day, but I find that taking 70mgs in the AM when I wake up and then 20 mgs right after lunch pretty well gets me through the day. I did notice taking the entire dose in the morning kinda left me felling a little “fuzzy” and lethargic. Based on the advice of my doctor he recommended splitting the dose. It does increase BP, but the doctor monitors that and has me on more meds to control that. The other effect I found was that it has really suppressed my appetite, so if that is an issue for you you may want to try something else.

However, the benefits for me are impressive. I now have some energy left after working all day so that I can pursue my hobbies, which for a few reasons has been put on the shelf. Picked up the guitar and my cameras again so everything seems to be coming back together in my life. It doesn’t impact the creativity, though, and I was always afraid using meds would do that, but I’m more creative than ever! I’m also a more engaged with life in general. And I’m now organizing my life more, too. I am trying to organize all my tools and hobby supplies to “first order retrievability” so that I don’t frustrate myself looking for the soldering pencil, or the torque wrench, or the doodad for the power washer. Never could do that before. Of course, there were a few other things working in the background such as therapy and counseling at this time. But I was going through that while on Concerta. I can definitely say Vyvanse is working better for me.

Your mileage may vary.

Hope this helps and good luck…