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I am very interested in what you find out about migrains and ADD. My best friend is ADD (undiagnosed) and gets terrible migrains. I have been trying to get her to get tested for ADD but she is resisting. I think both her children are ADD. One is a stunt man in a show that has gone to china. He dropped out of college and went into showbusiness and he absolutely loves it. Her daughter is younger, around 21 or 22 and went to college for a couple of years but started drinking and now has sever health problems related to her drinking. My friend had built such a wonderful support system around these kids that their ADD symptoms did not show up until they left the nest. Now she thinks that she is a bad mother because she blaims herself for their problems. My thinking is that if I can convince her that ADD meds might help her migrains she will go and get tested for the ADD. I hate to see her suffer needlessly because of something that she has not control over but feels guilty about anyway. Been there, done that, now done with guilt. Of course I still get upset with myself when I do things like lose TWO canes in one week.