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Patte Rosebank
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No, ADDJoe007, what would be sad is if you just gave up and left it at that. You’re getting a degree! Most people never do that. So what if it took you until you were 50? Some people don’t get a degree until they’re in their 70s or 80s. You’ll still be young enough to really celebrate when you get that diploma!

If you need special arrangements to help you deal with the difficulties caused by your ADHD, you can go to your Student Services department, or to the Faculty of the course you’re taking, and ask for those arrangements. They can help you by providing a note-taker, so you can just focus on listening to the prof and absorbing what he/she is teaching, rather than having to worry about simultaneously taking notes during the lecture. If you have difficulty with paperwork and writing, they can give you some help in organizing your time and the information for your homework. If a full course load is too much for you, then cut it back to a part-time course load and take more time to complete your studies. (I took 5 years to get my 3-year B.A., because the full course load was way too much for me.) Remember, the problem isn’t you. It’s that the school is set up for people whose brains work differently than yours. You can’t adjust your brain structure, so the school has to make some adjustments to its structure, to accommodate your special needs.