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Re: NJ-Employer's comments

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Robbo, good points.

I do have to say, that “Man up” as it is used to mean “Grow up” is highly offensive to women. It implies that mature, emotionally stable behavior is exclusive to the male of the species.

(Robbo, I’m not accusing you of being offensive, or even of using the term yourself, just reading your post made me think of another thing to say.)

Also, Toofat, regarding “judge not.” This isn’t about judging. This is about what behaviors we tolerate in our workplaces. I think the wrong suggestion here would be to “take the hard knocks without a whimper.” Even the connotation of the word “whimper” implies that anyone who would speak up against what is unprofessional, non-productive behavior is childish, is a crybaby. That sounds exactly like the kind of language and qualifying that would be used by a bully to shut up his target.

Sure, as Robbo said, sometimes you have to be gruff. If the new guy with lesser experience wants to risk not wearing a helmet, I can see a manager or another employee shouting, getting in the guy’s face, same as I can see and understand a parent who doesn’t believe in corporeal punishment rather roughly grasping and pulling their child away from the danger of an oncoming car.

What we’re talking about here, though, sounds like a supervisor speaking to an employee in a way that is out of line. Your post illuminates the reality of the situation as it exists, however I still contend that just because this is what was, and what is, doesn’t mean it should continue to be; it shoudn’t be tolerated, despite what has previously been tolerated in male-dominated trades.